Massacre events - Rafah Holocaust/Kuwait Peace Camp Massacre - قضاء غزة

In light of the continuation of the war on the Gaza Strip, the occupation army’s air force carried out, on the evening of the 233rd day of the aggression, an air strike targeting the Kuwaiti Al Salam camp for displaced people west of the city of Rafah, which houses thousands of displaced people from various regions of the Gaza Strip. The camp is made up of fabric and plastic tents, which led to Fires broke out throughout the camp, and a large number of tents burned.

This crematorium left, as of noon on Monday 5/27/2024, according to a statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 45 martyrs, including 23 women, children and the elderly, and 249 wounded.

The targeting came two days after the International Court of Justice decided to condemn the Israeli occupation entity for the crimes of genocide in the Gaza Strip, and the need to stop its military operations in Rafah, which is an additional violation of the Israeli violations against about two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have been suffering for eight months from genocide, systematic killing, starvation and siege.